Photo Voyages of Trey Ratliff: iOS App Review

If you’re a photo-geek like myself or just spend a lot of time on Google+ (like myself ) Trey Ratcliff is pretty much a household name. But for those who don’t already know, Trey is a world class photographer that specializes in HDR photography. Trey’s photography is focused on travel, featuring locations in the United States, Japan, France, Argentina, China, Russia, Iceland New Zealand. Not only is he an incredible photographer, he is also a blogger, author and successful entrepreneur. His “100Camerasin1” app has had over 1 million downloads and is available for both iOS and Android. 

In his latest app “Photo Voyages of Trey Ratcliff” he takes us around the world with his awe-inspiring images. Thanks to the sweet slideshow feature Trey’s photos come to life before your eyes. Each photo is displayed in stunning high definition and is accompanied by a description giving you some insight into Trey’s motivation for that particular shot. The app comes with 30 HD photos to get you started and also gives you 3 in-app purchase options. The “FIRST CLASS-12 Month Voyage” option gives you 1 new image per day plus 500 BONUS IMAGES and it costs $9.99. The “BUSINESS CLASS 6 Month Voyage” gets you 1 new image per day plus 200 BONUS IMAGES  and that one costs $5.99. And finally, there is an “ECONOMY CLASS 3 Month Voyage” in which you get 1 new image per day plus 50 BONUS IMAGES. What’s great about this app is that it is optimized to give you the highest resolution possible on whatever device you happen to be viewing it on. It even supports the retina display on the new iPad. In my opinion, the app looks and feels terrific and is well worth the .99 cents. If you’re looking for a way to show off your new iPad or are just interested in sharing the magic of photography with someone, THIS is the app to do it!

Thanks again +Trey Ratcliff and the fine folks at +Stuck In Customs for the advanced screening 😉